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Have a look at some recent work.

Moon Mars Saturn Ecliptic


Nelson Education
The succession of plant species and the infilling by sediments in the area of a bog.

The Hudrologic Cycle

The Phosphorous Cycle

Chapter Openers for Meteorology Today

Nelson Education
This was part of a series of 19 chapter openers for a college meteorology text.
The top illustration introduces weather fronts. The bottom introduces climate change.

Moon Mars Saturn Ecliptic


Nelson Education
The four stages of titration.
  1. Arrange sample.
  2. Carefully add titrant drop by drop.
  3. Consider stopping when solution changes permanantly to indicator colour.
  4. Add more so the solution turns the colour of the titrant and you have to start over.


Appalachian Highland Sample Map

This is a sample map generated using Geocart. Geocart combined with Adobe Creative Suite allows me to produce original maps from data in almost any projection. This eliminates the need to use basemaps and results in greater accuracy and versatility.

Copyright 2012: All original artwork remains the property of Dave McKay.